The Reinventions of Irene Michaels

“Just as established products and brands need updating to stay alive and vibrant, you periodically need to refresh or reinvent yourself.”

 – Mireille Guiliano

In a world where things are always changing, sometimes you have to think about who you are and where you are at—and figure out whether or not it is time for a refresh or a total change in direction.

So reinventing yourself as often as you see fit is a basic human right that allows you to live a fulfilling life.

All of this is exactly what Irene Michaels continues to do as she has transitioned from being a dancer to a model, actress, producer, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, Beauty & Luxury Lifestyle Expert, product developer, best-selling author, award-winning equestrian, and back to a cabaret singer.

For the inspiring 76-year-old, her first transition began when Irene became a professional dancer at 16. She performed across the country and even in Canada until she ventured into modeling.

Modeling soon led to Irene’s next evolution into acting. And she landed a recurring role on General Hospital, a popular daytime series. After appearing in several feature films and on stage in various theater productions, Irene soon set her sights on working behind the camera as a producer, and then an entrepreneur.

She formed two production companies and a modeling agency, Showtime. Much later, Irene started her signature brand with I On The Scene, a popular Beauty & Luxury Lifestyle website providing engaging entertainment, culture, fashion, and beauty content to readers worldwide.

When asked what she is most proud of, Irene says, “I really am proud of all my accomplishments. What stands out most in my mind is the I On…Brand beginning in 2008 with the website, I On The Scene, which is the culmination of years of experience in front and behind the camera.”

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While anyone would think this Showbiz Star would end it all there, Irene chose to immortalize her love for anti-aging beauty in I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels™. The collection is an anti-aging skin care product line dedicated to helping users maintain a healthy and youthful appearance.

The Roll-On Serum in the collection has been described in Life & Style Weekly as a “Miracle in a Bottle” guaranteed to keep your skin looking youthful, healthy, and vibrant.

Irene launched her debut book, adding author to her many achievements. The book, I On Beauty – Living Beautifully and Luxuriously Beyond 50, was released in the Fall of 2020 and steadily climbed to International Bestseller Status in 7 countries and 4 Beauty and Lifestyle Categories.

I On Beauty has been promoted on Rita Cosby WABC77, USA Today Storytellers Project, a recent issue of the Modern Luxury’s CS Magazine Dynamic Women feature, various news shows, and podcasts. The reviews so far have been outstanding!

Presently, Irene is still reinventing herself towards a consistent meaning of fulfillment.

Irene has returned to one of her earlier loves, MUSIC! After diving into modeling and acting, Irene poured her heart into singing and songwriting so much so that she released an album and toured the club scene. However, she later gave up on it to focus on other ventures.

But now, Irene’s rekindled the fire alongside her husband, 10-time TONY winner, Arny Granat.

It started after the restrictions and grim effects of the pandemic. Arny saw a burning desire for live music and he formed OUR HOUSE, a one-show performance with multiple notable singers and musicians

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Irene Michaels, who has been a show business fixture most of her life, is featured in OUR HOUSE as a singer. She has performed at Winter’s Jazz, Davenport’s, Taylor Street Italian Festa, Le Piano, Arcada Theatre, and the Chicago Fine Arts Building.

The eclectic ensemble has been wowing Chicago audiences since its debut in March 2021 followed by SOLD OUT performances at Le Piano in Rogers Park, Arcada Speakeasy in St Charles, The Fine Arts Building on Michigan Avenue, and The Jazz Showcase.

No one says it better than Irene herself in her cover interview for a Resident Magazine issue, when she said, “I live life to the fullest. I’m very adventurous and enjoy exploring and reinventing myself all the time, so there isn’t anything I feel I cannot tackle.”

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