“The Ripper”, on Netflix. How Britain’s most dreaded serial killer was caught

"The Ripper", on Netflix.  How Britain's most dreaded serial killer was caught

It all started with Wilma McCann, one of four single mothers who worked in the Chapeltown neighborhood in 1975 – supposedly Red light district Leeds – Those who will be beaten and beaten will be left to die. But the case of an alleged prostitute (which the police believed) did not relocate the city or capture the minds of the officers. It was necessary that cases of violent deaths piled up along similar lines to awaken a similar reality. Ethics and good manners did not cause the majority to rebel against the situation. The case was not so significant until an “innocent girl” – these are not the words used – was also murdered.

Looking at “The Ripper”, it is impossible to ignore the way women were talked about in the 1970s, especially about women killed in murders. In part, the victim was also to blame, as can be seen by the word Good time girl, Talking about one of those killed by Peter Sutcliffe. And some may have considered the way in which the press also misquoted other deserving people. It is clear that all the interviewees for the series – including the police officers who were investigating the case and who are still alive today (some actors have already died) – have much to say about the time. There is something, but about the way the world changed, even if not completely.

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