The scenes removed from Grey’s Anatomy make the shocking death even worse; Eye

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Grey’s Anatomy fans in the United States were devastated during a recent episode of the seventeenth season that showed Andrew DiLuca was stabbed and then died on the operating table.

The latest episodes in the series dealt with the emotional consequences of tragic events, culminating in the characters doing the best they can with an epidemic ban, with a video memorial to mourn for them.

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Following the news of Katherine Fox, a deleted scene of the episode debuted on Entertainment Weekly was shown, revealing the impact of DeLuca’s death on neurosurgeon Tom Korak.

He is quite surprised, and the two discuss their relationship with Delaca before deciding to leave.

A beautiful view, but you can understand why it was cut. You can see it by clicking on the EW website Here.

Actor Giacomo Gianiotti reacted to his character’s death recently, saying: “I could have said a lot … but all that comes to mind is ‘thank you’.”

“Thanks to all the fans who loved Deluca as much as I do. Telling his story was one of the great honors of my life. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, producer Krista Wernoff explained that the writer was as sad as the fan Delacus was killed, but “told himself” the story.

In Brazil, Grey’s Anatomy is featured by Sony.

The hit series is also available on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and GlobePlay.

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