The Search for the Evil Manor: The Scoloki Still Really Cold Horror Television

I. Always wondering how I could hire two stupid, orphaned kids as an AU couple. Look at the horror and assume you’re doomed to become a lifelong couple for two satirical, orphaned children, because everyone sees it once. These are your orphans, locked in their ancient temple, humming a strange, loud tune, watching with your shoulder, throwing their little orphan hands on their little orphan table. There’s always a toy that you swear to return to – but there it is again, right in the middle of the carpet.

When it’s my turn to be a lifelong couple for two intelligent, orphaned children, will I have any patience for their scary ways, or will I constantly lose my temper with their Gothic murmurs? “Flora, why are you looking at that lake, mate? Miles, can you stop your facial features from changing so fast? And if I find any other ugly thin-wrapped dolls that look a little like me, I’m throwing them into the lake. Play with the iPad like some normal kids. ”

Anyway, this week’s haunting of Blair Manor (Friday, Netflix), and you know how it happens: Ayu Jodi Dani (Victoria Pedritti from you) With transplant; The smartest kids are named Miles and Flora; The whole thing is a re-imagining of the twists and turns, and the series you think is a spiritual successor to The Haunting of the Hill House. The actors returned to play different roles. There are accents all around. Cracks in the house. A flash in the mirror. Fear a stealthy look.

My main point with Netflix is ​​that many of its original series have such an unmistakable sense of scallops, you have to admit that it’s just a director right from the top. You may have experienced it earlier this year with Ryan Murphy’s Terrible Hollywood, but it is present in the big hitters of all platforms: you are a stressful thriller like an Australian soap. The now-canceled Daredevil was a set of film-grade battle scenes that erupted with some terrifying friends-banners; Less said about the House of Cards, obviously, the better. I cite these examples because, although their dialogue was written by a robot who had just been taught to telegraph an important theme, I still saw every minute of them, so maybe I’m wrong and Whatever algorithm tells them to dial. Prosperity is right.

This does not mean that the evil manor is a thing, but it is believed that “Netflix” feels it; Something that makes you realize for the first time that a strange orphan boy goes: “Unconsciously, what a simple capital!” In fairness, what came out of it gave me a little fear of wandering around my kitchen at night without any light: the dubious, spectacular, truly chilling horror that doesn’t have to be scary to jump on. And then there’s that toy again. “Flora, I swear I’ll tell you…” – but he was here a minute earlier. Hold on, how can she get on the lawn already? She will hold his death in those pajamas. Oh no, this is exactly the night that the former Ayu couple died a year ago!

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you know what? Not my problem. If she wants to go back to singing in the garden, she can do it on her own. I’m going to town and getting a pair of pants.

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