The second edition of Additiveday introduced the first in Bulgaria technology for 3D printing of homes

The second edition of Additiveday introduced the first in Bulgaria technology for 3D printing of homes

Bulgarian audiences will have the opportunity to see technologies for 3D printing of homes for the first time. He will be represented by the International 3D Printing Company for WASP Buildings, a pioneer in this innovative field. It will be in the second edition of the Balkan 3D Printing Conference Additivedays, Which will be held at Sofia Tech Park from 20 to 23 February.

The event is the only one in our country that is completely dedicated to three-dimensional printing and will be under the motto “Beyond the Hype” this year. The organizer is a Bulgarian importer of 3D technologies BTN. The highlights of this year’s forum will be applications of this technology in the fields of medicine, fashion, various industries and other industries.

For those unfamiliar, 3D printing, also known as 3D printing, is the creation of physical objects superimposing material layer by layer in a process that mimics the operation of inkjet printers. In this way, a large variety of items can be made locally, including appliances, household products, clothing, toys, architectural and production projects, and more recently buildings, vehicles and whatnot. In addition, this type of production can occur almost anywhere – in remote cities, where there is a lack of quality transportation infrastructure in Antarctica or even in space.

It is a large-capacity technology in many industries, and AdditiveDays aims to promote it and present its capabilities to Bulgarian businesses and a wider audience. The event is completely free, but with mandatory registration.

The theme of 3D printing sustainability will also be emphasized in the program. “This technology helps us make items only when we really need them, instead of producing thousands of pieces, stocking them and then scraping many of them. It’s also useful for companies that sell their own Can optimize production. And save significant funds. It makes it environmentally friendly, and with the development of solutions for recycling 3D printed products, this aspect will become even more important “- by BTN founder Boyan Pahlavanov said.

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More information about the conference is available on the website AdditiveDays.comas well as in Facebook page of the event.

For free registration of the event can >>> click here

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