The second wave of Kovid-19 in Parv is smaller than that of Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom. For

The second wave of Kovid-19 in Parv is smaller than that of Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom.  For

Universidade Rural da Amazonia (Ufra) has presented data suggesting that mercury is crossing the second wave of Kovid-19 less aggressively, taking into account general data from Brazil, the United States (USA) and the United Kingdom Keeping. Information was provided by the Scientific Advisory Committee for duplication of Kovid-19 epidemic in the state.

According to an assessment by Ufra, the performance of mercury is directly related to the use of artificial intelligence to predict scenarios and demands in public health networks on behalf of Kovad-19. Nevertheless, according to the university, comprehensive preventive medical care and the opening of clinical beds and intensive care unit (ICU) directly affected the preservation of life.

In 2021, compared to the Brazilian average, mercury has an underperformance of 48.87% in deaths and 42.26% in deaths. In this period, the paras recorded 1,572.34 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants and 51.63 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants, compared to the national average of 3,075.39 (infected per 100 thousand inhabitants) and 89.42 (deaths per 100 inhabitants).

“In this way, we understand that, with the efforts of public and private hospital networks to provide immediate medical attention, as well as the supplementation and intelligent allocation of clinical and ICU beds across the mercury state, the lives of thousands of people are protected. Can.

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