The series full of twists and turns is one of the best on Netflix: WATCH

The series full of twists and turns is one of the best on Netflix: WATCH

When Netflix announced that a series would be based on the works of Harlan Cobain, we could expect a series full of twists. properly, Innocent It is based on one of the author’s works and performs it with mastery. The suspense series comes with everything the genre needs with a good plot.

As always, every action – out of the 14 that Netflix is ​​adopting – takes place in one country. Option to customize of course Innocent Spain made a big difference. After all, the actors selected for such a plot manage to create the work as a whole. That way, if you still don’t know the series, or have watched it and want to remember, here are all the details.

conspiracy of Innocent

With eight hours of episodes, the series is set in Barcelona. The plot centers on Matteo Vidal, who after accidentally killing a man in a bar fight, Matt spends four years in prison.

After his sentence is over, the boy rebuilds his life with the help of his brother and meets a girl. Olivia Costa completely changes the young man’s life and thus, they plan to get married.

However, one day, Matt receives a shocking call from his wife. Just a simple phone call completely changes Matteo’s life, ready to discover the truth and prove his innocence. This triggers a wave of events, which changes the lives of everyone around him.

Works of Harlan Kobena

Innocent Harlana is based on one of Cobain’s works. Netflix has acquired the rights to the author’s works and will turn them all into movies and series. By default, the service announces that each task will be adapted to a different country.

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The series is set in Spain (Cataluna), and the author’s other productions were released in the following countries: Don’t Talk to Strangers (United Kingdom), Safe (Ireland), Gone Forever (France), Silence in the Forest (Poland). )

As always, his productions have a common pattern: twists. conspiracy of Innocent It’s the kind of story where you never know what the next plot step will be. Moreover, the ending of each episode makes the viewer want to see even more.

The production genesis book was originally released in 2005. Despite being based on the book, there are some changes to the plot of the series. However, the directors of the series Oriol Paulo and those responsible for other thrillers such as O’Corpo and Durante e Tormenta, made it clear that Cobain himself read the script and approved the story.

Key Cast Innocent Contains many stars

If You Enjoy Spanish Presentations, You Will Definitely Recognize Many Faces Innocent, This is because Oriole Paulo used many of the same actors that were previously in his films. The most famous, however, did not work with the director, but was in a film made famous by Netflix audiences.

Mario Casas, the actor who played Mateo, has been in productions such as Um Contratempo and A Casa, available on Netflix. Casas has a remarkable track record in Spain, having appeared in over 45 productions in his career.

By his side is actress Alexandra Jimenez. In addition to being in the cast of Thriller, Jimenez has also been in other films such as Talk Talk – available on Netflix and a cameo in the series The Affair.

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Other relevant artists include: Xavi Saez (La Casa de Papel), Santi Ponce (La Internado) and Sam Feuer (Separation Zone). Aura Garrido, who gives life to Mateo’s wife Olivia, has already been in productions such as El Ministro del Tiempo.

Critics liked the series

Image: Disclosure / Netflix

Apart from being a huge success upon launch, Innocent Won critics too. For example, on Rotten Tomatoes, the series enjoys 100% approval from critics.

As per the general consensus, the chain unwinds several threads, leaving them loose and, at the same time, manages to tie off all the ends.

so go see Innocent, watch Trailer:

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