The Simple Plan Drummer Assembles the Band’s “Perfect EP”

The Simple Plan Drummer Assembles the Band’s “Perfect EP”
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in a new interview with TMDQA!drummer of simple Plan, Chuck Comeau, revealed which songs from the band’s entire discography would be the ones he would choose to put together an EP. The chat was published last Thursday (30) and you can view it in full here.

“I’ll have to pick one from each album”, declared the musician, thinking of the answer. Then Comeau begins the selection with the classic “Excellent”From the band’s 2002 work, No Pads, No Helmets … Just Balls!,

I think this is probably the song you know, even though ‘I’m Just a Kid’ is huge and an important song for us right now, especially with the TikTok revival and all that, I would say ‘Perfect’ is probably ‘No pads, no helmets…just balls!’ The Essential Simple Plan song has really shaped our careers and I think it’s one of the reasons why we’ve been able to be just a band, like, something on MTV’s Top 40 that lasts a long time.

For the second track, Chuck was also nostalgic and chose a hit: “Welcome to my life”, According to him, it was this track that literally exploded the band all over the world:

I think it is he who opened the door for us to be able to tour all of Europe and Australia and… [nesses lugares] With ‘No Pads’. But it opened so many doors in South America and Mexico. And it’s just one of those songs that I think of when people think of Simple Plan, ‘Welcome to My Life’ is always one of the first.

However, the drummer broke the trend and chose the third track. “save you” Named album. One of the most sentimental songs from Simple Plan talks about the singer’s brother Pierre Bouvierwho was battling cancer at that time. “There’s something so simple about this song that it makes me feel like we really are,” he explains.

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Chuck laughs and says that he must break the rules of the game and choose two tracks upon arrival. get your heart On!The band’s 2011 work, Which Makes take one for the team, 2016 disc, lack of representatives. There, the drummer revealed that he would “choose”.summer paradise” And “jet lag” and explains the reasons for it:

[Em ‘Jet Lag’], It was the first time we sang a duet with a female vocalist and she was really good. But ‘Summer Paradise’ opened the door for us to try different things and try different styles successfully; It was a huge song in Europe, number one in Europe, in Australia, in various places in the world. We were so successful with it and it gave us a second ‘push’.

Going to the latest Simple Plan release, harder than it looksDholak is mentioned “Prestigious”The clip of which was released long ago and, according to Chuck, represents a new sound that could determine the future of the band.

Simple Plan’s Perfect EP

With the discography filled with so many hits, it’s no wonder that Chuck still jokes that he forgot one of Simple Plan’s most iconic anthems, written in honor of fans in 2012. “this song saved my life”What he tells:

I think, at the end of the day, that kind of represents why we started doing this. It’s emotional but full of energy, that’s what talks about this band and our fans.

See what the perfect EP made by Chuck from Simple Plan would look like!

  1. Excellent
  2. Welcome to my life
  3. save you
  4. jet lag
  5. summer paradise
  6. Prestigious

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