The storm surge returns more bites along the way to kill us

Flash flooding on Wyrallah Rd, East Lismore.

There have been several incidents in Limsore in the past when heavy rains caused flash floods in the CBD, damaged roads and shopkeepers rushed to save the store.

More than 155 millimeters of rain fell in just a few hours, with the Brass Creek pumps struggling to cope with the flood.

Lismore City Council has urged people to avoid the Lizmore CBD as flash floods have affected many areas.

Many residents of the northern rivers must have thought that Tuesday’s sunny weather had ended the five-day storm surge, but it came back and dodged them all.

There was flash flooding around the elliptical area in front of Woodlark St., Dawson’s St. and Brewster Street and Lizmore Square Shopping Center.

Flash Flood: Rachel Sipple, co-owner of Bus Ride Bicycles, picks up a bicycle away from floodwaters at her Viralla RD, East Lizmore store. Photo: Allison Patterson

A wall of water sank on Wirelaha Road and the shopping center there, prompting shopkeepers to stockpile it or move it to higher ground. Given.

It was made even worse by drivers ignoring warning signs and waving floodwaters into flooded streets and shops.

Just Ride bike owners Justin and Rachel Sipple called the drivers who ignored the signs “stupidity”.

“Their dumb behavior is damaging our shop,” he said.

“Now the whole collection of floors will come out.”

The Brass Creek Pump Station struggled to cope.

The Brass Creek Pump Station struggled to cope.

Despite some concerns from residents, the Brass Creek pumps were not working, causing flooding in the CBD. The council explained: Inside Levi we see temporary floods. Around Dawson / Uralba Street intersection. ”

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The local SES was called in with about 70 calls for help in the “chaotic” situation.

“We are responding to flash floods, requests for assistance in sandbagging, something like this,” said an SES spokesman.

“We are working our way through it.”

And the worst thing about this hurricane is that it’s not over.

Yesterday’s forecast by the Meteorological Bureau was the same as it was on Wednesday.

Chance of rain (80%), morning and afternoon. Chance of storm, very heavy. Northeast winds blow 15 to 25 km / h in the late evening and 15 to 20 km / h in the north. With daytime temperatures hovering close to 30, nighttime temperatures fall below 20s.

The rain is expected to continue on Friday and Saturday, with no relief in sight.

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