The success of “Round 6” garners Amazon founder praise for Netflix

The success of “Round 6” garners Amazon founder praise for Netflix

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The success of the South Korean series “Round 6” (Squid Game) on Netflix also earned Amazon founder Jeff Bezos praise from executives at the rival service.

Bezos decided to comment on Twitter on the effect of attraction, which currently tops the Netflix rankings in over 90 countries and goes on to become the most-watched program in the platform’s history, despite not speaking English. . Congratulating the rivals’ “internationalization strategy,” an Amazon executive called the achievement “impressive and inspiring.”

“Reed Hastings, Ted Sarandos and the Netflix team get it right a lot of times. Their internationalization strategy isn’t easy and they’re making it work. Impressive and inspiring. (And I can’t wait to see the series),” Sarandos said Tweeted on Saturday (2/10) with a picture of “Round 6”.

The tweet caused a stir on the social network with the most varied reactions, ranging from memes comparing Bezos to the VIP villain of “Round 6” to conspiracy theories about the alleged acquisition of Netflix by Amazon, but mainly Bezos. Thoughts about praise. Strategy Netflix’s international content will mean for the Amazon Studios project.

In addition to “Round 6”, Netflix had impressive audiences with other international productions, notably the Spanish “La Casa de Papel” and “Elite”, not to forget “Lupin”, which debuted in French earlier this year. became the first language attraction to lead. Ranking of the most viewed content on the platform in the United States.

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