The theme song wins the Grammy even without releasing the film

The theme song wins the Grammy even without releasing the film

With 63 versions already made, it is still possible to make Grammy history. This year it was the turn of singer and songwriter Billy Ellisch, who won on Sunday (14), the award for the theme song of the next ‘007 – Time to Die’. This is the first time the music of an unrelated film has won the honor.

The pioneering spirit of the 19-year-old singer is due to a change in the rules for the best written music award for visual media. Previously, the song would have been removed from the Grammys. However, due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the release dates of the films, the committee rewrote the regulation.


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The song ‘No Time to Die’ was named in English after the James Bond film and was released on the singer’s channel on February 13, 2020, before Kovid-19 hit West hard. The franchise’s new film will be released in April 2020, then in September, but now opens in theaters only on 8 October.

Right away, Theme Song reached number one in England, ranking 16th on the Billboard charts in the United States. ‘No Time to Die’ was written by Ilish in collaboration with brother Finus O’Connell. He is the youngest composer of a James Bond song.

Billie Eilish joins the other Grammy theme song winners along with songs dedicated to ‘007’. In 1973, ‘Live and Let Die’, written by Paul McCartney and his wife Linda and produced by George Martin for the Living the Wing group, won the category. More recently, in 2013, Adele and Thomas Newman won with the Skyfall theme.

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Eilish defeated Taylor Swift with ‘Beautiful Ghosts’, from the film ‘Cats’, Cynthia Arrivo, with the song ‘Stand Up’ from the film ‘Harriet’, Brandi Carleen defeated ‘Car Me With You’ from the film. Two Brothers: A Fantastic Journey ‘, and’ Into the Unknown ‘, from Frozen 2. She also won Best Recording with ‘Everything I Wanted’.

‘007 – No Time to Die’ brings actor Daniel Craig back as detective James Bond and is directed by Carrie Joji Fukunaga. The agent left active duty on MI6 and moved to Jamaica, where he lives peacefully. But old friend Felix Letter, played by CIA’s Jeffrey Wright, appears to be seeking help to end the 007 peace. They embark on a mission to rescue a hijacked scientist and confront a villain equipped with new technologies.

The film’s cast includes Rami Malek (‘Bohemian Rapsody’, ‘Mr. Robot’), Lee Sedoux (‘Mission: Impossible: Phantom Protocol’), Ralph Fennes (‘Schindler’s List’, ‘The English Patient’, ‘Red Dragon’) Are included. ‘) And Christoph Waltz (‘ Inglouri Bustards’, ‘Free Django’).

Lashana Lynch (‘Captain Marvel’) plays Neamy, the new agent ’00’, who takes over after Bond’s retirement. Ana de Armas (‘Blade Runner 2049’) plays Paloma, a CIA agent who assists Bond.

Via: Entertainment Weekly / Hollywood reporter

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