The thrill of appointing a tax representative for UK residents

The thrill of appointing a tax representative for UK residents

SAnd the person has access to the finance portal, the simplest process would be to find an option to “appoint” a tax representative, insert a tax identification number (n if) Of the person to whom you want to refer.

This feature can cause doubt, as it confirms whether it is for oneArea From Irs, In the case of natural persons, or Irs I Tub, If they are people the collective, That is, companies.

“This is strange because it will limit the appointment, it will ‘cheat’ people. Those who have no income will hesitate”, lawyer Maria Fort Vaz believes from the firm Santos, Queiroz and Forta Vaz Adogados, Lusa In the statements of. Agency.

According to the Tax Authority (AT), ticking that option does not require an income tax return. After confirming the appointment by this means, the tax representative will receive a letter at home with a code, which he has to include in his portal Das Finance Profile to complete the process.

However, due to work-related restrictions Universal epidemic From Kovid-19, Letter sending and delivery may be delayed.

The best option, in Maria Fort Vaz’s opinion, is to use an e-counter, as it can be non-resident or representative to initiate the process, but you will have to attach a duly signed and digitized power of attorney.

The service is also part of the finance portal and it depends on whether the user has a password or enters with authentication of citizen card or with digital mobile key.

The Power of Attorney can be a simple statement written in a word processor, but it must contain all the elements of identification. The advantage is that it can include all members of the same household, including minors.

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“It’s working beautifully. I’m doing a lot of procedures and getting answers in less than 24 hours,” he said.

The third and final option, available to those who do not have access to the Internet, is for the non-resident or tax representative to physically go to a tax office in Portugal, which is also equipped with a power of attorney for necessary purposes. .

However, due to curb measures Universal epidemic From Kovid-19, At this time service in services is done by appointment only.

The appointment of a fiscal representative is mandatory for the holders of n if With tax residency in another country, but optional for those living in European Union (EU) countries.

The figure of the fiscal representative exists since 1998 in the general tax law and applies to all holders. n if Native in third countries as in Brazil, but only started to To impress United Kingdom due to withdrawal from European Union.

Any person or institution with a tax residence in Portugal, which becomes the link between a non-resident and an AT, can be a tax representative. You are responsible for receiving and keeping correspondence related to income and contributions and conversation Non-resident, but has no responsibility for payment.

On the 23rd December, Eight days before the end of the post-Brexi‘, The government issued an order stating that “citizens and individuals the collective Registered in AT database “will be six months, up to 30 June, Whether for income or property in Portugal, to make an appointment.

The release of a tax representative in one was also consideredArea Notification system Electronics On Area Reserved by Finance Portal, which came into force in 2020.

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The then Secretary of Tax Affairs Fernando Rocha Andrade revealed during a visit to London, Macau and Luxembourg in 2017 that the government was preparing a notification regime Electronics Which would allow residents of foreign countries to be severed with the tax representative.

However, the measure has not moved forward and the Finance Ministry, questioned by Lusa, did not respond to whether it could become a reality in the future.

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