The Thrill of the Hunt: Experiencing the Intensity of Cape Buffalo Hunting

The Thrill of the Hunt: Experiencing the Intensity of Cape Buffalo Hunting


Every hunter has a dream of taking down a Cape Buffalo or African Buffalo. Don’t be deceived by how peaceful it appears to be in a herd. The Cape Buffalo, sometimes known as Africa’s Black Death, is the deadliest of the Big Five when it is injured. When provoked, a buffalo can be sneaky, spiteful, and violent.

Cape buffalo are found in more than just the Cape. They are widespread throughout the South African landscape. Their normal day consists of lazily grazing in dense bushveld. At night, the herds gather to keep the young safe from lions and other predators.

Bulls and cows both have horns, but the bull’s horns are much larger and more impressive in appearance. Cape Buffalo cows lack a boss on the forehead like the bull.

An impressive Big Five trophy, the Cape Buffalo may reach a whopping 1.8 tonnes (or 816 kilogrammes) in weight.

Hunting the Cape Buffalo

A.375-caliber rifle shot to the head would do the trick when Cape buffalo hunting in South Africa. In order to avoid over-penetration and accidentally hurting another animal in the herd, many hunters use a.375 with a decent quality soft-point bullet on their initial shot. When a second shot is needed, they’ll utilise 40-caliber solid bullets for maximum penetration.

Even if the Black Death is injured, it may still incredibly challenging to defeat. The buffalo’s incredible power comes from the adrenaline pumping through its massive veins. If you have to take the follow-up shot in the dense bushveld cover, it will be powerful, rapid, and fierce.

Take your expert hunter’s advice on the type of gun and ammo to use, as well as his suggestions on where to aim your shots.

The Zulu people of South Africa have a word for the Cape Buffalo that describes its incredible strength: Inyati. Hunters generally agree that if the initial shot at a buffalo misses, the other rounds will just serve to further agitate the animal. An irritated Cape Buffalo can add a new level of excitement (or danger) to a hunting trip. Use your expert hunting knowledge to make smart choices.

Placing your shot

Aiming for the Cape Buffalo’s head or heart will increase your chances of killing it with a single shot. If you’re up close and personal, aim for the V.

When shooting from behind, aim for the junction of the neck and shoulder. Shooting it in the right rear should cause the bullet to enter the heart or the back of the head because to the 40 calibre’s powerful penetration.

Your ultimate goal should be to successfully execute a lethal shot and spare yourself from an arduous, days-long search for a wounded buffalo.

Relax, take aim at your target, fire without jerking the rifle, and you should have a far better chance of hitting your mark. You should steady the rifle against anything stable, so it doesn’t bounce and cause you to miss your target.



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