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Palmiras becomes a financial game against the Corinthians, who accumulate debt

SAO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Palmiras, in the midst of the financial crisis, ended Brazil’s Serie B for the second time in 2012, while his biggest rival, the Corinthians, won the Libertadores and world titles. CUP, in addition to increasing revenue. At the end of the last decade, however, this situation has changed. According to a survey by audit and consulting company EY, the club increased its revenue by 129% during the period (2011 to 2020), according to the report. On the field, the titles are in sequence from 2015. The positive result could be even better without the results of the Kovid-19 epidemic, mainly because it pushed from the February of the 2020 season to the end of 2021. The Libertadores, in January, and the Copa do Brasil, in March, will be counted in this year’s balance sheet, in addition to participating in the Club World Cup, which will be released in 2022. The Corinthian was the one who opened the previous decade. With the highest revenue of Brazilian football. The Alvingro team had the advertising and marketing influence of hiring Ronaldo Phenomeno in 2009, and won the 2011 and 2012 titles to achieve this feat. The Perk Sao Jorge club overtook Sao Paulo in 2013, at which time is still considered an example of management and which sold Paris Saint-Germain (FRA) to R171 million (in value) after the sale of Lucas Moura. Strengthened its finances. Updates). Then it was the turn of Flamengo (2014, 2016 and 2017), Cruziro (2015) and Palmyras (2018) to take the lead. For experts, dealings of opportunity, such as negotiating athletes, do not guarantee consistent results in the medium and long term. In this battle over indicators, Flamengo and Palmiras are the ones who have risen the most in TV quotas, ticket sales and sponsors. Pedrien Daniel Daniel states, “The Corinthians created a build that peaked at the Games in 2012 and also financial performance. Palemiras has been executive director of Serie B. EY since 2013. Contributed to the question Paulo Nobre – Between 2013 and 2016 Met the president, who injected nearly $ 140 million out of his own pocket. Alviday started making changes for the team from 2015, including diversification of resources, such as sponsorship of Krefisa and rents with Allianz Parke, opened in November 2014 As of last year, the club recorded the lowest collection among rivals from Sao. Paulo: R $ 265 million (update). At that time, Sao Paulo netted $ 544 million, Corinthians $ 474 million and Santos R $. Earned 285 million (in updated amounts), as an example of the spectacular growth in Palmeirens, compare the figures obtained with the commercial part (including) sponsorship, royalties from licensed products, shirts in stores and other merchandise. Sales) and match-days (box office capture, captive chairs and boxes, sports-events Food and drinks during the game in addition to the tired schedule). With only these two sources of funds, the team received R $ 72 million in 2014. In 2015 it was R $ 250 million. “The following year, in 2016, Palmiras renewed contracts with not only open TV [Globo] As with this deal, with Turner. It was a sequence of results that culminated in this rise far above the main competitors “, analyzes Pedro. The main source of Brazilian football’s resources with broadcast rights and prizes paid according to the team’s performance in the tournament Corinthus. Ruled easily in this range until 2016, and Palmyras led the following year. During the decade, the Corinthians’ situation became increasingly complicated mainly because its liabilities increased, currently close to $ 1 billion. , Which is coupled with negative fluctuations. Compared to 2011, Corinthians’ indebtedness increased 189%, from R $ 328 million to the current R $ 949 million, while São Paulo increased its indebtedness by 70% (R Saw an increase from R $ 338 million to R $ 575 million. 2020), Palmyras from R $ 445 million in 2011, R $ 565 million (27%), and Santos, R $ 465 million to R $ 540 million (16%) Gone until. Gustavo Hajan, from the field of sports sector. EY and one of the authors of the survey. The net debt and secrets of Santos and Corinthians Drew attention to the correlation of self, which is R $ 3.46 and R $ 3.33, respectively, each committed to R $ 1.00. “In the Corinthians and Santos, the pace of cash growth is much slower than the growth of indebtedness. This is a clear sign of concern. And Sao Paulo is entering this line”, Pedro warned. The correlation is R $ 2.70 in São Paulo, and R $ 1.38 is collected for R $ 1.00 in Palmiras. “Santos, today, is the one who has the lowest total debt. However, the one who suffers the most to generate revenue”, says Hazan. Throughout the decade, Santos reached its peak revenue (R $ 400 million) in 2019, thanks to Real Madrid’s (ESP) accounting record of striker Rodrigo’s sales. Against the Palmyras and the Corinthians, Santos and São Paulo saw a significant decrease in commercial revenue and matchday. The sale of athletes and solidarity mechanisms over these ten years helps reduce the losses of the two teams. “Sao Paulo is the largest seller of athletes in Brazil, making the most of it, and Centos has had occasional situations like Rodrigo’s case. Therefore, there are difficulties competing with Palmeiras in a financial context”, Says Daniel. “Santos also has aggressive revenue that was not in line with the growth of the main competitors.”

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