The United Kingdom begins the largest reopening phase since the epidemic began. National newspaper

The United Kingdom begins the largest reopening phase since the epidemic began.  National newspaper

The United Kingdom began its largest phase of reopening since the onset of the epidemic on Monday (17).

It was not just any Monday. In most parts of the United Kingdom, theaters, museums, hotels, cinemas and landmarks such as the Ferris Wheel in Central London were reopened. In addition, bars and restaurants can now serve in the indoor area as well.

This is because the number of covids has decreased. Within 24 hours, five deaths were recorded in the country and fewer than two thousand were newly infected.

In England, people can now get a few visits at home and meet outside in groups of up to 30.

And the British can travel to some countries without following the quarantine en route. The government also issued new guidelines. As long as there is a good dose of common sense, hugging is also free.

A hug between immune friends. One of them is Maria Lucia who, until they proved to the contrary, is the first Brazilian in the world to win the vaccine against Kovid.

The reporter met her in front of the hospital where she works in London, when she took her first dose on 8 December.

News reporter: Our Today reunion, five months later, is in a more enjoyable place: a pub, a classic bar here in the United Kingdom.
Lucia: Nice to see you!
News reporter: I can’t hug you right now. We have strangled this, because I do not have the vaccine yet. I think I will have it next week. But there is one thing I can do. With 70% of adults vaccinated, the number here is now very low and with this new phase of reopening, my colleagues and I, journalists here in London, can now record in an open environment without a mask. Here you only need to wear masks indoors or on public transport. Then the time has come.

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Lucia has taken advantage of this feeling of normalcy in life.

“I already have a scheduled theater, a scheduled ballet, a lot of scheduled things. God willing, now it’s only moving forward”, says researcher Maria Lucia Possas of the UK’s health system.

The government is asking for caution, particularly due to the coronavirus variant that emerged in India and is growing rapidly in the United Kingdom.

The epidemic is not yet over, it is far away. But how nice to be able to grab such good news.

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