The United Kingdom strengthens relations with cooperatives in Paraná. trap

The United Kingdom strengthens relations with cooperatives in Paraná.  trap

The meeting was held with the UK’s Acting Consul General in So Paulo, Lisa Weeden, and the UK’s Honorary Consul General in Curitiba, Adam Patterson

The President of Osper Systems, José Roberto Riken, this Wednesday afternoon (07/07), in So Paulo, participated in a virtual meeting with the Acting Consul General of the United Kingdom Lisa Weeden and with the Honorary Consul of the United Kingdom. United in Curitiba, Adam Patterson. On that occasion, possible opportunities to strengthen the relationship between cooperatives from Paraná and the United Kingdom were discussed.

Ricken spoke about the role of cooperatives in various sectors and took the opportunity to emphasize the sector’s commitment to three important pillars, which are social and economic development and respect for the environment. “Despite being miles from Amazon, our cooperatives are affected by the distorted image that some countries have about environmental protection. Brazil uses only 7.6% of its area with crops, most of our area is protected, Which doesn’t happen in other places on the planet”, he insisted. The leader also talked about the sectors in which the state cooperatives operate and which currently export to over 120 countries in compliance with all environmental and sanitation requirements.

Lisa Weeden expressed satisfaction with the meeting and said that others would, of course, be among the teams from Consulate and Osper Systems. “I see this as an opportunity to learn more about cooperatives. It is great to hear about sustainability, because the topic of climate and the environment is something that interests us a lot and we need to hear what this sector really is. What am I doing”.

The Acting Consul General of the United Kingdom recalled that, in November this year, Glasgow, Scotland, will host Coop26, the United Nations Global Climate Conference. “We need information about Brazil. This meeting brought us important figures this afternoon. This message is not always heard in the United Kingdom about the country, in particular, agribusiness in Paraná and sustainable processes developed by cooperatives. About. We have many British companies operating in Brazil and we have to further strengthen our relationship, work together”, highlighted Weiden. “We are available to discuss common demands and needs between our cooperatives and the countries of the United Kingdom to continue this approach”, emphasized Ricken.

During the talks, delegates highlighted five key priorities in the relationship between Brazil and the United Kingdom: encouraging ambitious climate commitments, reducing economic barriers, developing science, improving public safety and strengthening democratic values. and ensuring an open society through reduction of inequality.

The meeting was also attended by Osper Superintendent, Robson Mafioletti, Technical Development Manager, Flavio Tura, Analysts Alexandre Monteiro and Mico Zanella, and Communications Coordinator, Samuel Milo Filho. For the Consulate, Pedro Mendes and Regional Engagement Officers in Paraná, Larissa Vazquez, Livia Basso and Tessa Oliveira.

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