The United States and Canada are the finalists of the Concacaf Women’s Football Championship.

The United States and Canada are the finalists of the Concacaf Women's Football Championship.

The North American final will take place at the Concacaf Women’s Championship (Photo: Concacaf / Disclosure)

Yesterday (07/14), the two semifinals of the CONCACAF Women’s Championship were played in Monterrey, Mexico. In the first, the United States defeated Costa Rica 3–0. Three hours later, with the same score, Canada eliminated Jamaica.

United States vs Costa Rica

The United States qualified for the final (Photo: Concacaf / Disclosure)

The United States qualified for the final (Photo: Concacaf / Disclosure)

The world champion entered confidently. At 3′, Alex Morgan tried to score the first goal of the night with an open shot, but he narrowly missed, sending the ball over the edge.

The United States continued to try to score first in the semi-finals and took a place almost 11′, but Costa Rica’s goalkeeper, Noelia Bermudez, was cautious and defended her goal.

Then, at 32′, it was Mallory Pugh who tried to score, but the ball ended up in Bermudez’s glove.

The United States did not give up and, at 33′, after a frantic run, Emily Sonnett sent the ball to the back of the net. USA’s first goal in this CWC semi-final was also Sonnet’s first international goal.

At 45+4′, Pugh’s efforts eventually paid off when Rose LaValle recovered the ball in the field and overtook her teammate, who scored the second goal of the night for United States.

Costa Rica did not stop applying pressure and tried to score a goal and already scored a goal in 93′ via a free kick. But the kick went to American goalkeeper Casey Murphy.

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Just before the final whistle, at 94′, USA took the opportunity to launch an attack and Ashley Sanchez scored the third and final goal of the night for her team, which would play in their seventh CWC final.

Canada vs Jamaica

Canada passed Jamaica and qualified for the final (Photo: CONCACAF/Disclosure)

After some preliminary looks at each side, it didn’t take long for Canada to break through Jamaica’s defence. In the 18s, Jesse Fleming headed straight for the goal. This was Canada’s third goal in this edition of the CWC.

Canada continued to press on and, at 33′, Nickel Prince looked about to score his second of the night, but hit the post.

Canada tried to extend their lead with another header in 57′, but Jamaican goalkeeper Denesh Blackwood blocked the shot right in front of the goal.

Adriana Lyonne and Elisha Chapman entered 53′ and made an instant impact. At 64′, with an assist from Lyon, Chapman scored the second goal of the night with a powerful header.

To close, at 76′, Lyon scored Canada’s third and final goal after receiving the ball in a header by Jordan Huitema.

next steps

Canada and the US will face off in the final at 11 pm on Monday. The Canadians are looking for a rematch from the 2018 final, which the USA won 2-0.

Costa Rica and Jamaica compete for third place on the same day at 8 p.m.

Matches can be watched through the platform star+,

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