The United States League is angry with Neymar. Be warned this is not a holiday camp – Prisma

The United States League is angry with Neymar.  Be warned this is not a holiday camp - Prisma

Sao Paulo Brazil

“We don’t need to bring in a big name player at the end of his career because he has decided he wants to retire from MLS.

“If they don’t come here to play and make a meaningful contribution to their teams and our league, and to respect the league and its fans, we don’t want them in MLS.”

The answer was direct, emphatic, absolute.

And aimed straight at Neymar.

Don Garber, the commissioner of the MLS, American Football League, showed all his outrage at Neymar’s stand. Brazil was clear about a possible retirement.

“I don’t know, I doubt it. I really want to play in the United States, at least one season. In Brazil, sometimes I want to, sometimes I don’t.

“Since the championship is short, you can spend three or four months on vacation. You can still play longer”, he joked on the streamer. podcast eventUnder the leadership of former striker Ronaldo, owner of Cruzeiro and Valladolid.

Neymar’s statement has angered the leaders of the American League by insisting on a four-month leave.

The world’s most expensive player has not played in almost 50% of PSG matches since he was signed for 222 million euros, about 1.2 billion reais.

“We want our story to be about young players who come here in their early days or at the height of their careers and make our league their choice,” Garber said.

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The only reason Brazil has it is in relation to players who took advantage of US Football League money before retiring: Kaka (Orlando CI), Lampard (New York City), Gerard (Los Angeles Galaxy), Pirlo (New York City), Thierry Henry (New York Red Bull), Lothar Mathos (Metrostars), Valderrama (Colorado Rapids) and Schweinsteiger (Chicago Fire).

While a US League representative showed his anger at Brazil’s statement, Neymar took the opportunity to ride his Batmobile to promote the film. batmanin Paris.

Neymar doesn’t understand why he is not respected…

Paulisto has already taken out four coaches in just eight rounds.

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