The United States should not lift the tariffs imposed on China in the short term – Economy

The United States should not lift the tariffs imposed on China in the short term - Economy

In his first interview, after being confirmed by the Senate, Tai told The Wall Street Journal that a quick end to these measures could harm the economy, unless a change is made in a way that Allows companies to plan and make adjustments.

The US official also pointed to strategic reasons, claiming that “no negotiator benefits” in view of possible negotiations.

Last December, before assuming the office of President of the United States, Joe Biden said he would not immediately withdraw the customs duties imposed on China by his predecessor Donald Trump, but did not return after coming to the White House . Address the subject in depth.

During the Trump administration, the United States imposed a $ 370 billion (approximately € 313 billion) fee annually on Chinese products, and Beijing responded by taking measures against United States exports.

Despite the fact that both parties have reached an agreement to end the trade war, and Washington sees these measures as a guarantee that Beijing will live up to its commitments, which have not yet been fully done.

In the interview, Tai expressed a desire to negotiate with China, but did not provide details about potential contacts, saying that they would be given “in due time”.

Tai’s nomination passed the Senate unanimously this month, which is unusual given the current political polarization in Washington.


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