There is bad news for the fans in the final season of the Netflix series

There is bad news for the fans in the final season of the Netflix series

After a two-year wait, fans can finally watch the latest season of ‘The Last Kingdom’ on Netflix. The final part of the series will premiere this Wednesday (8).

Regardless of the reasons to celebrate – thanks to the new wave of episodes – fans are getting sad news in the current season as well.

The TV production is based on the books by Bernard Cornwell from the series “The Saxon Chronicles”. With 13 volumes, the series will develop the narrative over seven seasons.

However, because it is an expensive production, the BBC and Netflix decided to close prematurely. The announcement was made before filming ended, meaning the producers were able to plan the ending.

Nevertheless, it is very likely that this is the famous “running ending”. So far, the story has lasted until the eighth book, with five more volumes remaining. This should leave many stories unfinished.

This measure was taken after the pandemic, because “The Last Kingdom” has a large team and it was necessary to pay for it during the period of isolation, even without production.

The solution found by Netflix was to eliminate loose ends with a film, condensing the contents of the final books into the feature. The production should be called “Seven Kings Must Die”.

Filming is to take place on location in Hungary and the UK. Alexander Dreiman is set to return as Uhtred, but no announcements have been made yet about the rest of the cast.

fifth season

The new year of “The Last Kingdom” should further explore the tension in the kingdom due to the Norse invasions. It should introduce the Saxon Uhtred (Alexander Dreimann) to the definite journey of conquest and the possibility of forming a nation.

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