There may be differences between the student portfolios of American schools. world

There may be differences between the student portfolios of American schools.  world

The United States government changed the guidelines for measures to combat coronaviruses and allowed students’ desks in schools to be spaced less than a meter – by this Friday (18), the space should be about two meters.

In the US, President Joe Biden wants schools to reopen by May

This opens up the possibility of reopening schools with more students.

This recommendation was made from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

With this change, Joe Biden’s goal of reopening schools for millions of children is nearing realization.

A large proportion of schools continue in the remote sections of the country.

The new guidance applies to students from kindergarten through high school.

The exception is students who are in areas of high contamination. These should be kept at a distance of about two meters.

When interacting with teachers and staff, the space should also be approximately two meters.

The CDC analyzed data from a Massachusetts state study in which they found that a small space did not affect the Kovid-19 broadcast among masked students sitting at their desks.

Many schools do not have enough space for classrooms, which is about two meters between the desks.

In addition to masks and distances, schools are also required to conduct tests. The US government has promised to allocate $ 10 billion to purchase tests for students, teachers and education professionals.

The agency still recommends quarantine for anyone who has come in contact with an infected person.

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