These are the best lists of countries on Netflix

These are the best lists of countries on Netflix

Netflix is ​​available in 190 different countries, but the list of movies and TV shows varies by location. Ever wondered which country has the biggest and best collection of content? surfshark vpn service did a study This generated a lot of information graphs about the size and quality of Netflix listings around the world.

The study used data from the Netflix database flickwatch Find out what topics are on the site in 70 countries. Each topic has more content and overall best titles in any country using IMDb rankings, Metacritical scores and awards.

SurfShark found that Netflix has 5,879 movies and shows in total US titles – while Canada has the largest movie listings with 4,043 movies. Having the biggest library doesn’t have to be the best list: the United States and Canada actually have a combined average IMDb rating of 6.95, while Azerbaijan, Portugal, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia top the list. Rating 7.13.

Meanwhile, South Korea has a very valuable list: 109 Oscar-winning films and award-winning 35mm programs. The country next leads the competition with 24 more Oscar winners than Switzerland. Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore each gained 35 mm.

India may have the most balanced library in terms of quality and size: the top 10 countries have the highest IMDb audience rating average (7.12) with the most headlines (5,591).

America has more degrees, but not all. But you a. can access additional content by using vpn, By selecting a server in the correct country, you can access movies and shows that you don’t watch in the United States. (Note that some services, such as Netflix, attempt to block the use of VPNs by their customers.)

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For example, the only place to look forrest comp Netflix includes Western Europe, India, South Korea, Japan, and Egypt. when does it come pulp Fiction, Canada, Mexico, South America and most of Europe. Full Saint The trilogy is only available in Canada, Russia, parts of Europe, Australia, Japan and Egypt. looking for americans Friend Return to HBO Max – or add to the table from Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and India. And I can only see the countries of the world Lost Netflix includes South Korea and Japan.

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