Thief steals motorcycle, uses tractor as an escape vehicle and is arrested

Thief steals motorcycle, uses tractor as an escape vehicle and is arrested

A thief tried to steal two motorcycles from a tractor in the Queensland area of ​​Australia. He walked into a dealership in the middle of the night with a yellow tractor and tied the bike to the vehicle. Thereafter he tried to run away from the spot.

However, the bandit could not go far as the vehicle in question did not have final speed. The police found him and started chasing him. Despite the vehicle being more powerful than a tractor, the authorities decided to wait for the perpetrator to stop as he drove through the Australian suburbs.

In no time, the motorcycles tied to the tractor fell in the middle. He then abandoned the vehicle and set off on foot – perhaps believing he could go faster.

However, their escape did not last long, with the police immediately arresting the 41-year-old man.

The man was not identified but ended up on charges of crimes such as theft, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, rail trespass, illegal use of a motor vehicle, and intentional damage.

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