This iPhone 13 feature could revolutionize mobile telephony

L’iPhone 13 pourrait bénéficier de la prise en charge des liaisons téléphoniques par satellite. © nana, Adobe Stock

Next iPhone might be able to use satellite connection. If confirmed, this work would represent a real revolution in the field of consumer telephony.

While it did experience delays in the integration of 5G, the iPhone could become the first smart Fone the general public to be able to support satellite communications. what a revolutionUniverse Mobile is intended for the general public. In any case, it’s opinion ming-chi kuo, a renowned analyst specializing in Apple brand products. In a note dedicated to investors, he explained that the iPhone 13 will likely use satellite communications, thanks to a chip designed by Qualcomm.

Named as X60, this chip will be able to use communication by satellites located To revolve around Low. It must be said that the American founder is an intimate partner of the operator globalstar for more than ten years. Yet according to the analyst, it is likely that, if the user’s telephone operator is already a Globalstar partner, the service will be available directly on the iPhone 13, Via It’s the same operator.

Satellite Link and 5G. mix between

Add support for satellite communication a TELEPHONE Like the iPhone is no small feat. Satellite mobiles have a larger antenna and sometimes additional equipment to maintain the signal. Satellite during communication. As it is likely that the iPhone 13 will not change its design for this, it will eventually require Apple to develop its own network of relay antennas. Ming-Chi Kuo also embarks on a mixed operation based on both the use of satellite links and 5G.

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To confirm this revelation, it will be necessary to wait for Fall. It is at this time that the iPhone 13 should be unveiled. There are already rumors about new features that will be integrated into the mobile. We are already talking about the arrival of sensor With high resolution as well as large optics. The Pro model could also feature a fourth ultra-wide-angle camera with autofocus.

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