This mobile app allows users to communicate with just a wink

This mobile app allows users to communicate with just a wink

Google has introduced a new mobile application targeting disabled users who suffer from speech and motor disabilities. “Look to Speak” allows them to choose words and phrases that are spoken aloud by a digital voice, using only their eyes.

Speak to Speak expands the means of communication available for physically challenged web users with a tool that enables them to exchange messages via their smartphone using just their eye movements. Eye movements allow users to choose suggested words and reviews according to the context. Thanks to artificial intelligence, mostly machine learning, the user experience automatically increases over time.

Explains how to set up a detailed user guide published by Google. It provides users with information about the position of the device as well as tips for eye gestures and eyesight. For example, “It’s important to look left, right, and upwards so that the app can deliberately register a monitor.” It is also important to monitor the eyes that see and enhance vision. Pre-loaded simple sentences can also be designed for more personal communication.

Look to Speak is a free application for downloading on Google Play (Android). With such apps, Google wants to give people access to new technologies that have been excluded so far, so they can communicate more easily with others.

Watch to speak in the video:


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