This Valve game can be played on a computer via a gaming controller

This Valve game can be played on a computer via a gaming controller

A certain game from Valve in the United States can now be played on a computer not only in classic mode, that is, via the keyboard, but also through a compatible gaming controller (gamepad). According to Valve, there may be some bugs initially.

Valve is working on some interesting things for the future of gaming in the United States. Instead of just being able to play games on a computer, you’ll be able to play them on a portable console.

The US company has already tested Steam Link, an application that allows you to stream Steam games from your computer to the phone. Valve also works on Steam Deck, a Game Console Dedicated laptop that will allow you to experience Steam games on the go.

So it should come as no surprise that Valve in the United States is working to adapt its computer games to gaming controllers. In fact, a recent update to Dota 2 revealed such support.

According to Valve from the United States: “In today’s update, we’re creating a world where Dota can be played on a computer and using a gaming controller, giving gamers a new way to interact with their character. From character selection to combat, you can guide your character in Dota 2 using a Steam-enabled (including console controllers) computer controller. Play Station/xbox/Nintendo Switch Supporter)”.

According to Valve in the United States, this is an experimental feature, so there may be some bugs, but using gaming controllers could be an interesting option for those who prefer to use gamepads. What do you think about the fact that Dota 2 can now be played on a computer and using a compatible gaming controller?

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