Thriller ‘Queen and Slim’, which discusses racism in the US, debuts on Paid Channel – 01/07/2021 – Illustrated

Thriller 'Queen and Slim', which discusses racism in the US, debuts on Paid Channel - 01/07/2021 - Illustrated

Two young blacks meet an app and go out together. But what was going to be a pleasant evening turned into a desperate escape after a racist police officer came in contact with the couple. The film’s premiere, acclaimed by Melina Matsukas, was canceled due to an epidemic in Brazilian theaters. With Daniel Kaluya, “Run!” Nominated for an Oscar for, and newcomer Jodi Turner-Smith.

Premium Telesin, 22H, 16 years

Summer marathon
Live broadcast, directly from São São Paulo, of concerts conducted by Thierry Fisher with Alexander Thread on piano. In the repertoire, “Concerto n 2 for Piano” and “Sinfonia Pastoral” by Ludwig Van Beadowen.

Osesp YouTube channel, 8:30 pm, free

Battle of Pacinho
Emilio Domingos’ documentary shows Passinho, a new form of dancing funk, emerged in Rio’s fountains in 2008 and spread throughout Brazil.

Like, 10:30 am, 10 years

A giant prehistoric shark A pit in the Pacific has been discovered by scientists. Co-production between China and the United States, starring Jason Statham (“Fast and Furious”). Unpublished on Open TV.

Globo, 22:45, 14 years old

My 15 years
Larissa Manoella makes a girl who doesn’t have many friends to invite for her birthday. Rare national film on the track “Tel de Suches”.

SBT, 11:15 am, 10 years

The exploits of Arsène Lupine, the “coat robber”, took a contemporary look in this French series. “Untouchables” actor Omar Sai is playing the role of Essen Dope, a new version of the character created by Morris LeBlanc.

Netflix, 16


In 2006, the film by award-winning “Timbuktu” director Abadrahrahman Sisako opens on a platform dedicated to independent cinema. The plot follows the sufferings of a singer in the capital of Mali in West Africa.

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14 year old Supo Mungam Plus

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