Tim Cook gave Donald Trump the first 2019 Mac Pro

Tim Cook gave Donald Trump the first 2019 Mac Pro

Donald Trump has left the White House, the finance report covers the duration of his mandate Has been published And we get to know what he was able to get especially in various and varied gifts.

One of the journalists in attendance new York Times, a pay attention… A Mac Pro. A model is said to be the first made by Apple’s subcontinent plant in Texas.

This is only partially true, as this Flextronics factory had already assembled a 2013 cylindrical Mac Pro, but it must be understood that Tim Cook gave the first official copy the new generation Of this tower. At $ 5,999, the base configuration (minus the wheels) would have left for Washington.

Donald Trump Had visited In November 2019, the factory in Tim Cook’s company, the US President wants it to symbolize “Made in USA”. Which was not entirely correct (see also New Mac Pro about exiting Austin factory) is.

Picture: Fox News, 2019

Journalist’s tweet about this giveaway Missed one For a former Apple employee. Geoffrey Stormjand done Personal technical assistant to Steve Jobs, to troubleshoot them or solve problems with important or known customers.

He says his boss gave the MacBook Air 11 as a gift to President Obama. However, the latter returned it to Apple after a week, as the financial value of the gift exceeded their expectation. Can accept Too Gift to Obama on another occasion, an iPad 2.

Finally, Steve Jobs’ successor congratulated the new pair on the head of the United States yesterday. Tim Cook said he was encouraged by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ willingness to work quickly on issues such as climate change, immigration, epidemics and restoring the nation’s unity.

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