Tinder does antivacin, Unjected removed from Apple’s App Store

Tinder does antivacin, Unjected removed from Apple's App Store

App stores are looking for developers who are trying to circumvent their terms of service. The last Application The removal from the App Store was Unjected, a type of Tinder intended to target people who haven’t been vaccinated. In addition, the application contains material that says that vaccines modify genes, linking people to 5G And that they are like “biological weapons”.

The motto of the app is “Join businesses, find friendship or love in your unaffiliated community” (sic).

In a statement sent to the “Engadget” website, Apple says the reason for removing the app is in violation of regulations due to lack of information from reliable sources related to COVID-19, such as health agencies or medical institutions. In addition, the developers of the application may have asked users to change the language used as a way of bypassing Apple’s rules.

Although previously Unjected was a type of Tinder, over time it gained a feed with publications on a variety of topics. That’s where you get the false information that the vaccine links people to 5G or that it modifies people’s genes.

Unjected still appears on the Play Store. From Google, but it seems that its extinction is a matter of time. On July 16, Google informed app developers that they had up to two weeks to remove the misleading post and thus avoid the ban. They removed the feed from the app, but Shelby Thompson, one of the app’s co-founders, said she would restore the feed and the offending posts.

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Instagram still exists in the app with over 25,000 followers. recently, The social network said that it will fight harder against false news on the platform about Kovid-19, but the profile of the uninfected remains firmly entrenched on the net, the post said, adding that vaccines alter genes. Even in the bio, the app has been banned from the App Store, Apple’s App Store.

According to a survey on the AppTopia consultancy website, Unjected has been downloaded a little less than 20,000 times since its inception, and it’s only in English. “Bloomberg” reports that the founders are two women from Hawaii who are clearly pushing the boundaries of Apple and Google’s App Store policies.

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