Tinder scammers want to teach you how to protect yourself from web scammers

Tinder scammers want to teach you how to protect yourself from web scammers

Anyone who’s watched Netflix’s Tinder Hustler was certainly impressed by the outcome of the story, which looks like the plot of a fictional movie, however, that took place in real life. Simon Leviev’s hand is behind the trap set on women. Piggybacking on the success of the filmmaking, he has decided that he wants to put together a program on the Internet to teach people not to cheat.

Not ambitious, Leviev closed a deal with a famous Hollywood agent, Gina Rodriguez. He specializes in revealing big names in the star reality universe. In the television show, he intends to tell some of his stories unknown to the public, but also to guide those wishing to protect themselves from cyber scammers.


Cyber ​​security company PSF estimates that more than 150 million Brazilians have fallen into the Internet. The survey was published in October. In the United States, fraud perpetrated by scammers like Leviev went for around $547 million, equivalent to US$2.8 billion, according to the US Trade Commission.

Attracted via Tinder, victims betrayed by Simon Leviev continued to pay off debt. He stole approximately US$10 million, which is equivalent to R$51.3 million. The crook pretended to be the prince of diamonds, the son of a gem merchant. Scammers’ schemes don’t just involve a TV show. He has profited from selling videos for men to improve their profile on dating apps.

three women sitting on the sofa in a dark room
Simon Leviev’s three victims: Cecily Fejelhoy, Aileen Charlotte and Pernilla Szoholm

The strategy, shared by Leviev, is aimed at attracting more women. The cost of each video is US$198, which is more than R$1 thousand. In one recording, Badass details how to improve a Tinder account: “I saw your profile on Tinder, ok my friend, you need to change your pictures. I think you can do better out there guys, put some pictures of animals, girls love it. be yourself.”

If you haven’t seen the documentary, watch the trailer for The Tinder Scam. Claudia Meirels Column Pressed the play and recommended production.

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