To All a Good Christmas debuts today on Netflix

To All a Good Christmas debuts today on Netflix

merry christmas to all, or with the original title Father Christmas is Back, is a new comedy which started on today’s stage streaming gives Netflix. In this film, four rival sisters learn a lesson in family bonding when their long-lost father shows up at the door of their ancestral mansion for Christmas.

The film was directed by Mick Davis and Philippe Martinez, and was written by David Connolly, Dylan Corcoran and Hannah Daves. We already have Elizabeth Hurley, Kelsey Gammer and John Cleese in its cast.

Four sisters gather for Christmas at a mansion in Yorkshire. Misunderstandings lead to the discovery of a long-hidden secret that tore your family apart years ago.

All a Good Christmas is already on Netflix

This is another Netflix original film that complements its massive Christmas-themed content. It was filmed mostly in the UK, but some filming was done in New York City, and also in Howden, East Yorkshire.

Watch the trailer of the film right here.

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