To “stick” your hands to works of art is a protest

To "stick" your hands to works of art is a protest

Just Stop Oil (courtesy)

Activists have decided to change the form of protest against the British government’s climate policies.

Early warning: The protest was against the government led by Boris Johnson, but it was preceded by the announcement of his resignation. And it was not against the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at all.

Feather protest against climate policies Repeated in many countries. But some activists found a different way of speaking.

Five protests took place within a week “Gluing” to works of art,

Yes, defeat. For example, in London, activists affixed their hands to a life-size copy of last meal, by Leonardo da Vinci. He clenched his hands…but framereport to Deutsche Welle,

Protests took place at the Royal Academy of Arts in the capital, and beneath the painting was a spray with a sentence inscribed: “No New Oil”, Five people were taken into custody.

was the day before the target hey wagon, by John Constable, at the National Gallery, London. The original painting was then replaced by a version of the work, which brings a apocalyptic vision of the future, There was damage to the frame and there was a definite break of the paint varnish.

One focus of these workers is the new License granted by the Government in relation to the use of petroleum it is from gas,

And this campaign will continue till the government changes its intention on this issue.

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