Today’s Meteor Shower: What Time It Starts and Where to Watch This Tuesday (31)

Today’s Meteor Shower: What Time It Starts and Where to Watch This Tuesday (31)

Meteor shower can be seen in the sky Northeast During the morning of this Tuesday (31). Event Tau Hercules It can be followed with the naked eye between 11 p.m. on Monday (30) and 3 a.m. on Tuesday, peaking at 2 a.m.

Illuminated streaks visible in the sky are pieces of comet 73P/Schwasmann-Wachmann 3 (SW3), discovered in 1930.

This may be the first time that Earth will pass through an area that has a high concentration of dust and comet debris, which generate meteors.

According to the National Observatory, it is estimated that the event occurs between 140 and 1,400 meteors per hour.

Watch the meteor shower live:

Check out the stages of meteor showers:

  • Tuesday, 12:11 am: Earth passes the debris trail left by Comet 73P in 1892 and 1941. 50 meteors per hour are expected.
  • Tuesday at 2:05 p.m.: Our planet hits the mark left by the 73P rupture in 1995. Mathematical modeling based on the comet’s regular pattern indicates a rate of 600 to 700 meteors per hour, but when considering fragmentation this indicator can increase to 100,000 meteors.

Meteor shower in Fortaleza

The Brazilian Meteor Monitoring Network (BRAMAN) estimates a maximum rate of 17,859 meteors per hour in the sky of Fortaleza, under ideal observing conditions. You won’t need any kind of equipment for visualization and the scratches should be visible in different areas of the sky.

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