Tonight in the attic. TEYMORI and Summer Energy in Australia

Tonight in the attic.  TEYMORI and Summer Energy in Australia
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After the summer of the Southern Hemisphere, after the Ziggy Zeitgeist, Attic One of the big names to explode in Australia. taimori The pseudonym of Amin Payne and his steps in music is House of biological effects. In 2018, Melbourne producer One of the best debuts of the year was released, mix of sounds foul smell, Doing afrobeat and music SoulFeaturing a colorful journey through , and sophisticated rhythms, After unveiling another interesting chapter last Friday, Amin Payne’s contribution to Melbourne’s buzzing music scene has been significant: Principle II It is the second chapter of this project that deserves more attention.

TEYMORI is once again joined by an exceptionally talented artist. We talk some of the most influential Australian musicians of our time: Horatio Luna, Silentje, Close Counters, Potatohead People, Elisha Joy & Co. more than seven tracks, Principle II us a. presents with Energetic bursts of moments, which are impossible not to be accompanied by feelings, Heavy beats, complex percussion sections and ‘watery’ bass lines – played by Horatio Luna – complement the trumpet and keyboard work that takes us to ecstasy. Principle II There is a spirited work that vibrates far into the Australian summer. Available Via Bandcamp. Vinyl early next year.

and still…

Edited by Soundway Records, mode is the latest album Julian Diane, It should come as no surprise that Diane presents another “out-of-the-box” work, which continues her previous album, teal, In mode, We heard jazz impressed by the sounds of music House, without any commitment to include organic ingredients. Different from TEYMORI’s records, yet equally connected to the incredible fusion of genres that contemporary independent music brings to us every week. Available on vinyl.

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Attic Is web magazine The focus was on the highest carats of music released by independent artists and publishers. Along with the Cultura e Arte community, he contributes weekly with rubrics. tonight in the attic, where he presents a new independent music project; and with monthly album with powder,

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