Top tourist destinations for 2022 according to the Lonely Planet guide

Top tourist destinations for 2022 according to the Lonely Planet guide

Cook Islands tops the list of countries to visit

Lonely Planet Tour Guide has launched its traditional yearbook of the best destinations with travel tips for 2022 and hopes that the pandemic situation will allow tourism to reopen.

best in travel It’s split between countries, regions, and cities that, according to the Lonely Planet team, “offer many breathtaking experiences to inspire and excite.”

“Of course we are living in a complex landscape for travel,” says the guide.

“As the global pandemic continues to impact the world, we are striving to balance travel and safety, and are mindful of our infinite desire to travel. Thus, our 2022 list is for the future. This is as much a wish list as it is. A list of places to visit right now.”

Below is the full list, which is led by the Cook Islands (in the Country category), Icelandic Westfjords Landscapes (in the Region category) and Auckland (in the Cities category) of New Zealand.

Last year, at the peak of the pandemic and amid restrictions on travel, Lonely Planet held its 2021 edition in celebration of sustainable and local travel. And before that, in the 2020 edition, Amazon Forest entered the top 10 of the main regions.

Best destinations for 2022 according to Best in Travel

1. Country

– Cook Islands: To the south of the Pacific Ocean, between Australia and the west coast of South America, is an archipelago of 15 islands known as “land drops in 2 million square kilometers of the wild blue Pacific” and “at the same time remote and accessible, modern”. as has been described. and traditional”.

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, Norway

– Mauritius Island

– Belize

– Slovenia

– Anguilla Island

– Oman

– Nepal

– Malawi

– Egypt

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand tops the list of best cities to visit

2. City

– Auckland, New Zealand: New Zealand’s most populous city has a vibrant urban life, but also easy access to beaches and nature reserves. “It is no surprise that Auckland is consistently cited as one of the best cities in the world for quality of life,” says the guide.

– Taipei, Taiwan

– Freiburg, Germany

– Atlanta, United States

– Lagos, Nigeria

– Nicosia, Cyprus

– Dublin, Ireland

– Merida, Mexico

– Florence, Italy

– Gyeongju, South Korea

Westfjords, India

Vestfjords, Iceland tops the list for region nomination

3. Area

– Westfjords (Western Fjords), Iceland: According to Lonely Planet, an area visited by only 10% of Icelandic tourists, the Western Fjords is the place where “the dramatic Icelandic landscapes reach their climax and where mass tourism disappears”. The mountainous region has beaches, fjords and waterfalls.

– West Virginia, United States

– Zishuangbanna, China

– Kent Coast, UK

– Puerto Rico, United States

– Shikoku, Japan

– Atacama Desert, Chile

– Scenic Rim, Australia

– Vancouver Island, Canada

– Burgundy, France

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