Tourism starts qualifying 200 nature and adventure destinations in SP

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It aims to mobilize companies and public managers on the technical quality of activities with safety, certification and competitiveness

The Tourism and Travel Secretariat of So Paulo, in partnership with Cebre, held the first seminar on the qualification, certification and promotion of the Nature and Adventure Destinations program last Wednesday (18th). This was the first practical action of the SP Ecoventura program, which aims to strengthen the culture of quality and safety of companies in the segment in over 200 cities in So Paulo.

The event, which took place at the headquarters of the So Paulo State Secretariat for Tourism and Travel, was simultaneously broadcast on YouTube on the SETUR channel ( In this first meeting, Cairos, Guarulhos, Mariporo, Pedra Bella and So Paulo were the first destinations to be sensitized, which also includes Canterra and Parelehiros.

At the inauguration of the event, Vinicius Lumertz, Secretary of Tourism and Travel, highlighted the importance of investing in parks. “We have three million visitors, the United States has 300 million, and in the whole of Brazil we have only 12 million, when jobs are created, for example in the case of Valle do Ribera, 65 to 70% will be allocated The local community, because it is she who understands the community”.

It is important to underline that activities like zip-line, rappelling, rafting and tree climbing can be certified through the program based on ABNT standards out of 150 adventure activities. “EcoAdventure tourism needs to be adjusted as per the safety and quality standards. We need to improve the business environment to sustainably grow enterprises in this sector”, says Lumertz.

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In the partnership agreement, Sebrae will organize awareness seminars with entrepreneurs, share technical standards and certification procedures, besides a training program in management and entrepreneurship, mentorship for micro and small businesses and audit for certification in adventure tourism safety management. will offer.

On this occasion, Ivan Lyubny, Technical Director of Sebre-SP, stated the need to join forces for the success of the program. “We have to work with entrepreneurs, with mayors, with development departments, with entrepreneurs who know how to do it, and when we put everything together, we create a project that won’t be a difficult task. Do it, because we are going for the best. In the way, we reduce the laughter and Sebre is here, to be with you”, highlighted Hosni.

In Valle do Ribera, scheduled for October, Setur will work to generate business for the segment, in addition to fairs and strategic events to mobilize target audiences, segment diagnoses, carry out campaign and promotional functions, and strategic events, such as Adventure Week. The partnership with Sebrae does not provide for the transfer of investments to tourism municipalities, but will raise R$ 4.7 million in investments.

According to the World Tourism Organization, eco-adventure tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism sectors in the world. It is estimated that as much as 10% of tourists visit a demand for a destination that includes nature and activities related to it, a trend that should become even greater in the post-pandemic period.

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