Trambiqueira spoofing New York’s elite is booming on Netflix – Cultura

Trambiqueira spoofing New York's elite is booming on Netflix - Cultura
Actress Julia Garner as Anna Delavi, the false heiress. Scam artist Anna Sorokin posted this picture on social media and commented: “Own invention”.
(Photo: Netflix/Disclosure)

A millionaire scam leads Netflix’s Top 10: The mini-series “Inventing Anna,” which chronicles how fake millionaires duped (and stole money from) half the world in New York high society.

Inspired by an article published by reporter Jessica Pressler in New York Magazine, the eight-episode production is signed on by producer and screenwriter Shonda Rimes, whose course includes acclaimed “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Bridgeton.”

Anna Sorokin is now 31 years old. He was born in Russia, moved with his humble family to Germany, lived in Paris and London. In 2013, he landed in the United States.

With well-expressed lies, self-confident and charming, she called herself Anna Delvey, asked for a $22 million loan to start a private club, and got several banks to give her thousands of dollars.

Posing as a German heiress, Delvey lived in luxury hotels in New York, attended socialite parties, traveled on private jets. Beautiful and seductive, she wore expensive designer clothes. According to the US press, in 10 months, he defaulted US$275,000 in banks, hotels and wealthy friends.

Anna Sorokin, the scammer who deceived New York's elite,
Anna Sorokin in New York court sentenced him to 4 to 12 years in prison in 2019 (Photo: Timothy A. Clary / AFP – 9/5/19)

In 2019, Anna was sentenced to between 4 and 12 years in prison for eight offenses of fraud and theft. In early 2021, she was granted parole after appealing in New York state. He is currently in the custody of the US Immigration and Customs Department, awaiting possible deportation to Germany.

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“Ozark” actress Julia Garner plays the con artist. Anna Klumsky plays reporter Vivian Kent, who investigates the social climber. Garner also visited Sorokin in prison and was impressed by the girl’s charisma.

According to American media, while in prison, Anna Sorokin negotiated with Netflix and sold her story for $320,000. She recently returned to Instagram, where she posted a photo of the scene in which Julia Garner wears a red dress and sunglasses. Caption: “Own Invention”.

In the profile “Anna Delvey”, Sorokin also shows the story of an American publication Insider, in which she comments on her routine behind bars. And he shouts: “You don’t know how exhausting prisons are.”

In addition to Julia Garner and Anna Chlumsky, the cast includes Katie Lowes (Rachel), Alexis Floyd (Neff), Summer Osmani (Chase), Laverne Cox (KC), Ariane Moyd (Todd Spodek), Anthony Edwards (Peter Heineke). Rebecca Henderson (Katherine McCaw), among others.


In line with the “Crime Pages”, the miniseries “Inventing Anna” also for Netflix follows the traces of the Felicity Morris-directed documentary “The Tinder Scammer”.

The film tells the story of Israeli Shimon Hayut, who is involved in fraud and author of scandals against women whom he managed to seduce through a dating app.

Diamond magnate, impersonating Simon Leviev, son of Lev Leviev. According to US media, Simon is a hoax, but Hayut stole $10 million from his victims. He was convicted (of other crimes), but released because of Israel’s prison policy during the pandemic.

She is currently active on Instagram with her fake identity. He posts photos on jets, luxury hotels – as they say, “flaunting” on the profile of Simon Leviev. L, Hayut said he owns a website specializing in “business advice” aimed at entrepreneurs.

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According to TMZ, he may have hired a renowned talent agent to help him pursue a career in Hollywood. There’s more: He plans to participate in a dating show and run a podcast about relationships…

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