Tribuna Expresso: Big Game | 42 flights to Porto are expected from the UK this Saturday

Tribuna Expresso: Big Game |  42 flights to Porto are expected from the UK this Saturday

By this Saturday afternoon, 42 charter flights with English fans from Manchester and London will arrive at the Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport in Porto, which will see the Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea at 8pm at the Estadio do Dragão. It is estimated that 12,000 more Britons will join the thousands of supporters already in the northern city.

At the airport, supporters of each team are directed to a fanzone created in different areas and later on Avenida dos Alidos (Chelsea) and Alfandega da Fe (Manchester City) at 6:30 pm, with a negative PCR tests have to be shown. COVID-19. In these fan zones, mixing between supporters of different clubs is not allowed.

But according to an RTP report, fans who landed in the final hours in Porto have shown a willingness to join the thousands who are on the streets of the city, most notably in Praça da Ribera. And is not limited to the fanzone. That television station shows that 69 planes landed in Porto in the last two days.

To deal with this growing number of English supporters, an increase in the number of metro trains and the number of STCP buses plying in the city were implemented.

As announced by the PSP, three security perimeter will be built around the Estadio do Dragao, which can only be moved by anyone holding tickets to the finals.

At two press conferences, the PSP announced that it was working with the British police to monitor English supporters, calling on fans of both clubs to respect social distance and wearing a mask, something that the British overwhelmingly Notoriously not respected by the majority.

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Over the past two days there have been clashes between Manchester City and Chelsea fans over the consumption of more beer. Many of these skirmishes have been prevented by teams from the PSP Special Police Unit. And they are the subject of news British press.

As Expresso announced, officials estimate that 200 supporters considered “at risk” will arrive in Porto, around 100 for each team, some of them from extreme right-wing clubs, such as Chelsea headhunters.

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