Trump says he and First Lady Rat will begin the ‘quarantine process’ after top assistant Hope Hicks tests positive for Covid-19.

Trump says he and First Lady Rat will begin the 'quarantine process' after top assistant Hope Hicks tests positive for Covid-19.

The president’s public event, released shortly after his appearance on Fox News on Friday, revealed that he would be attending a fundraiser at a hotel in Washington and a campaign rally in Sanford, Florida. Will go

“Hope Hicks, who has been working so hard without taking a break, has just tested positive for Covid 19. Terrible! First night and I’m waiting for my test results. In the meantime, we’ll start our quarantine process! Trump tweeted Thursday night.

Hicks has traveled several times with the president recently, including during the debate in Cleveland on Tuesday, and has seen some of the president’s closest aides – Jared Kushner, Dan Scavino and Nicolas Luna – among others, boarding Marine One. Was gone. Wearing masks on Wednesday, Trump was on his way to a campaign rally in Minnesota.

“She tested positive, I heard about it. She tested positive. She’s a hard worker. Lots of masks, she wears a lot of masks but she tested positive. Then I went out with a test. I’ll see – You know, because we spent a lot of time – and the first lady Rat just went out with a test. So whether we’re different or if we have it, I don’t know, “Trump said in a call. Said during the presentation. Fox News “Hanti.”

He added, “I just went for a test and we’ll see what happens, I mean, who knows. … I spent a lot of time with hope and so did the first lady, and that’s a lot. Was overwhelming. “

Amid continuing efforts by the Trump administration to explicitly ignore science and public health best practices during the epidemic, there have been reports of Hicks’ positive test, with West Wing staff actively blocking the masks and the president Rejects recommendations from its own coronavirus task force, schedule a busy forward pack campaign rally. Trump and his key allies have shown little interest in changing the way their staff meets the needs of the time.

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Trump speculated in an interview with Fox News that Hick could have contracted the virus by talking to a supporter.

“She’s a very warm person. She has a hard time when soldiers and law enforcement come to her. You know, she wants to treat them a lot. Don’t say, ‘Stay away, I’m your friend.’ Can’t come close It’s a very difficult disease, “he said.

A source close to Hick told CNN that she was experiencing symptoms and had returned to Washington. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. CNN has reached out to Hicks for comment.

When asked about the level of contact between Hicks and Trump, White House spokesman Jude Deere said in a statement, “The president’s health and the health of everyone and everyone.” He takes security seriously in support of him and the American people.

The White House did not name Hick, nor did it confirm that he had tested positive.

“White House Operations, the President, and the White House Military Office collaborate with the physician to ensure that all plans and procedures incorporate existing CDC guidelines and best practices to limit COVID-19 exposure. Both complexes and when the president is visiting, “added Deer.

Some White House staffers who were nearby were notified of the positive test results today, an official said.

Long seen as a stabilizing force on the boss who likes chaos, Hick Ivanka joined the Trump organization working with Trump in public relations and moved into Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign early in the race. . He was one of the few supporters of the White House since its inception.

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Hicks maintained close ties not only with the president but also with family members, including White House adviser Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. Prior to that, she was the White House Communications Director.

Hicks’ positive test represents a unique challenge for White House staff as they try to keep the epidemic out of the West Wing while the president insists on reopening the country.

In May, two White House staffers, including a member of the Navy, who works in Trump’s personal wallet, tested positive for the virus, and in July, a cafeteria employee at the White House grounds Also tested positive. The president confirmed the fourth positive case on the basis of the White House last month.

Trump has previously expressed concern that coronavirus compromisers would reduce his message that the outbreak was spreading and would speed up the reopening of states, according to a person who spoke to him.

The White House has since gone to great lengths to prevent Trump and Vice President Mike Pence from spreading, even traveling to states where cases are on the rise.

White House Press Secretary Kelly McKennie previously described Trump as “America’s most tested man,” who does not risk spreading the virus to others. But Trump denied the claim hours later, saying he did not know of a time when he had taken more than one coronavirus test a day.

“I don’t know about more than one,” Trump told a reporter who asked why he was tested more than once a day. “I probably test two breasts every two days, one every three days, and I don’t know if I’ve ever had two breasts a day, but I can see it’s happening.”

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This is a breaking story and will be updated.

Paul LeBlanc of CNN contributed to this report.

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