TSE fuels debate between Brazil and India on women’s representation

TSE fuels debate between Brazil and India on women's representation

Zareseema and the Uran Bulletin. Brazilian voters and voters have heard a lot about him lately. After all, they are some of the most well-known voting tools for voting ballots, and they actually have a lot in common. Both are a final strip of paper printed by the machine. Both aim to make the electoral process more transparent and secure. And both are viewed by those who are not directly related to Electoral Justice (JE), ensuring greater participation by the society in elections.

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But do you know the difference between them? To be clear, it is worth comparing again with vouchers issued by banks. When you walk into an ATM and want to know how much money is in your account, that’s when you withdraw a balance. A statement request is required to trace all transactions (entries, payments, withdrawals).

However both options result in a strip of paper, which can be printed on the spot by the ATM, or can be consulted through applications or Internet banking, they have different goals. It is the same with Zeroth and Kalash Bulletin (BU). The biggest difference between them is the timing: it comes first, and it prints later.

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In the case of zerezimaThe goal is to show before this From the start of voting, that ballot box contains “zero votes”. The document contains all the identification of the ballot box, which proves that all candidates are registered in it and that the vote has not been counted for any of them.

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Here’s how it works: After all early polling day checks and procedures are complete, the polling station president turns on the electronic ballot box. As soon as it is activated, the voter terminal screen is checked to see if the data referencing the municipality, region, section, consolidated section (if applicable), date and time is correct, as well as Working with ballot box or not electricity.

these conventions were completed, and before first voter If he goes to the electronic ballot box, the President, in the presence of election and inspectors of political parties, prints a zero, which must be signed by all. When the voting is over, it is sent to the Electoral Board along with Result Media (MR), Receiving Table Minutes, two copies of Ballot Box, one copy of Justification Bulletin (BUJ), another copy of Bulletin. Identification of Board Members (BIM), Justification Forms, Voting Books, Identification Forms for Persons with Disabilities and other materials, as directed by the Electoral Court.


I and ballot box A paper report issued by the Electronic Voting Machine is Later That the polling is over, and the goal is to show the results recorded on that device. BU can also be accessed on the TSE portal or through the Boletim na Mao app, which guarantees access and verification of results using a QR code. Through the bulletin, the party inspector and any other person can check the number of votes in all the ballot boxes immediately after the close of the election.

BU provides the following information: Total votes per party; total votes per candidate; total roll-call votes; the total number of votes for the subtitle, when it is a proportional position; Total Zero and Vacant Votes; Counting of total votes; Voters able to vote in the section; Identification of the section and electoral area; election closing time; internal code of the electronic voting machine; and string for bulletin validation.

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It works like this: When voting ends, at 5 p.m. (local time), the ballot box prints five copies of the bulletin. A copy of these is placed at the door of the polling station, from which the result of that ballot box becomes public. There are other avenues available for use by party agents present in each polling section. Two of them are sent to the election board along with other documents. know more In this video.

With the verification of the section being in the public domain, a digital copy of the BU is generated from the destination of the respective printed copies. This copy is encrypted and digitally signed in the result memory, for later transmission to the TSE, in order to aggregate and reveal the results of the elections. For this reason, many party inspectors and voters who monitor the totality of the municipality through BU learn about the result even before the official release of the result. Eye video here Which shows how it happens.

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