UFU research investigating whether ‘late eating’ causes overweight will be funded by a UK university. Mining Triangle

UFU research investigating whether 'late eating' causes overweight will be funded by a UK university.  Mining Triangle

This is the question that will be answered at the end of the teacher’s research. Cybele CrispinFrom the nutrition course and postgraduate program in health sciences at the Faculty of Medicine (FAME) of the Federal University of Uberlandia (UFU).

the scholar of the subject had Considered working in a call from the University of SurreyIn the United Kingdom, the work will fund the development of the project in partnership with the mission.

“We aim to establish a collaboration relationship that will allow us to learn more about their work and analyze the data from a chronological perspective, which will allow a better understanding of the topic”The UFU researcher explained.

In research, Sibele wants crispim To study dietary patterns related to time in a representative sample of adults in the Brazilian population and to associate them with indicators of obesity. In short, Crispin Will investigate whether eating late at night can be a factor that increases the incidence of overweight and obesity.

research funding

The program will provide financial support to 13 more researchers from across the world, such as the United States, Australia, Japan, China and India.

Located in the city of Guildford in the south-east of England, the institute has a long history as a research force since 1978. The current research group in this area has been created by great researchers from all over the world. ,

In addition, there are extensive international relationships with many organizations in the field of chronobiology, which will be of great importance to this partnership with UFU Research, believes Crispim.

And this field of science devoted to the study of biological time, Man, like most animals, has a time cycle governed by nature or by primal instincts. Namely, most of the physiological components of our bodies change throughout the day, such as hormone concentrations, digestive rhythms, temperament, appetite, sleep and many more.

Hence it is a better time to exercise, sleep, eat and other activities. What controls all of this is our own body which consists of a series of “clocks” controlling vital systems.

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