UK decision is just a “surveillance boost”, expert argues

UK decision is just a "surveillance boost", expert argues

International health expert and professor at the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Tiago Correa, argues that the British government’s decision to remove Portugal from the green list of countries safe for travel had scientific and political explanations.

In the expert view, the major concern of British officials is that the Indian version, or any other, compromises the effectiveness of vaccines for those already vaccinated.

“The British authorities, based on scientific recommendation, removed Portugal from the green list, placing it on the yellow list, which requires a quarantine. It is a reinforcement of surveillance, but I believe, long In term, measures can be reversed,” he said.

Mathematician Henrique Oliveira of the Institut Superior Tecnico was concerned about the number of new cases due to the “distinguished aspect”.

He also recalled that the phenomenon has been increasing for 31 days and this will be reflected in the admission.

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