UK denied samba school court for Uniao Brasil event

UK denied samba school court for Uniao Brasil event

Samba school Reno Unido da Liberdade decided not to hire the club’s court to obtain the “mega affiliation” of Uniao Brasil (UB) of Governor Wilson Lima, scheduled for this Saturday. Director Iván de Oliveira told the column that most of the 366 members of the school decided not to leave their positions because the event is party-political. But what really mattered was that Amazonino Mendes, when he was buffer governor in 2018, released $3 million to complete work on the site.

Eye… By deciding not to disagree with the former governor, the Carnival group alienated the current one – both ex-candidates for government. To mitigate this, the United Kingdom highlighted in an official note that “despite this position, the school makes itself available to the State Government to carry out functions and events.
for the benefit of the population”.

new place The new address of the “mega affiliation”, scheduled to start at 9 a.m., is the court of Aparecida, UB’s regional president, Paudorni Avellino, informed the column. The legend predicts the affiliation of 40 mayors of the interior.

Back? Podemos, the party that Amazonino left in 2021, could be a substitute for his candidacy. In Amazonas, the abbreviation is also commanded by Wilson Lima’s associate deputy Abdala Frakes. But on Tuesday, as BandnewsFM journalist Roseanne Carvalho first reported, the party’s national president, Renata Abreu, was in Manaus.

look at vice Without an elected office for four years, Alfredo Nascimento is exploring options to avoid another term without a mandate. President of the PL in Amazonas, he has used his influence “social work” with national president Valdemar da Costa Neto to try for a deputy vacancy on the ticket, headed by Wilson Lima. Expressions have been made in the Amazon, at least for now, by Brasilia, without more intense movement.

mdb… Councilman Amom Mandel and federal deputy Delgado Pablo are in the MDB’s sights for a dispute over the Chamber of Deputies, where the party has had no representatives for Amazonas since Marcos Rotta was elected in 2014.

…he does… Ammon also flirted with Unio Brasil (UB), when there was a possibility that the acronym might fall into the hands of Amazonino. Coming from the PSL, Pablo remained at UB after the merger with DEM, but without command of the abbreviation in the state, which was left with Podorni Avellino. In the column, Pablo did not deny that he had received the invitation. “Many expressions, still in conversation”, he said.

…invitation Ammon, on the other hand, said on social media earlier this week that, at an “appropriate time”, everyone would know his political future. “For now, only speculation,” he published. The opportune moment should be between today and April 2, given the deadline for affiliation to candidates for the party they intend to run for.



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