UK granted health certificate against Kovid-19

UK granted health certificate against Kovid-19

LONDON, Sept 13 (ANSA) – The UK government has given up on implementing health certificates against COVID-19, at least for the time being, said Health Minister Sajid Javid on Sunday (12).

In an interview with the British broadcaster “BBC”, the incumbent justified the decision due to the high rate of immunization of the population, which is above 80%. “While we will reserve this option, as a potential, I am happy to say that we will not continue with our vaccination certificate project,” he said.

Since the beginning of this month, Boris Johnson’s government has confirmed that it will implement the measure from October and, as in the European Union, the document is required for places with large crowds or low ventilation, such as stadiums and discos. Will be

The measure was widely criticized by the services sector, which feared further negative impacts on its business. However, despite the measure no longer being in the British government’s general plans, Scotland said it would meet the requirement in entertainment venues from 1 October.

It is expected that on Tuesday (14), Johnson himself announces new guidelines to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in this new phase, with vaccinations increasing among the British.

Among the key points, anticipated by many press vehicles, would be the forecast of a third dose for all – currently this is only for certain priority groups – the maintenance of some precautionary measures (such as masks at certain places and distances), but without any forethought plus implementation of generalized lockdown in case of new outbreaks.

Another point was the issue of vaccinations for adolescents aged 12 to 15 years, which was rejected by one of the committees advising the British government. The commission recommended vaccination of only those who have certain types of chronic diseases, in contrast to the recommendation of other international agencies, such as European and North American.

The United Kingdom has 89.1% of the population over the age of 16 with at least one dose of the anti-Covid vaccine and 80.9% with a full cycle, according to the British government’s latest bulletin released this Sunday. There were also 29,173 confirmed cases and 56 deaths in 24 hours. (ANSA).

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