UK tests “tamper-resistant” navigation system for flights

“Tamper-resistant” system that could replace GPS on flights has been tested in the UK

Photo: QinetiQ

hey UK Completed the test phase and first flights quantum navigation which can replace GPS, The technology, called “seamless”, was tested at a Ministry of Defense facility in Wiltshire.

According to officials, the technology is “mandatory” on flights, which will avoid problems such as GPS blocking that can interfere with in-flight communications in the context of wars and geopolitical tensions.

based on amountThis navigation system is called Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT), and was developed by the UK subsidiary of quantum technology company Inflexion in collaboration with aerospace company BAE Systems and defense technology contractor QinetiQ, among others.

Testing on QinetiQ’s modified RJ100 Airborne Technology Demonstrator was completed last week at the Ministry of Defense (MoD) military aircraft facility at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire.

“From passenger flights to maritime transportation, we all depend on accurate, safe and secure navigation systems. Science Minister Andrew Griffith, who was on the last test flight on May 9, said in a statement: “The scientific research we support here on quantum technology can provide the resilience needed to protect our interests.

how it works?

The system consists of a ticker optical atomic clock of inflexion as well as a tightly confined ultracold atom-based quantum system.

An optical atomic clock uses the frequency of light emitted or absorbed by atoms as they change energy levels to measure time with great precision. Additionally, ultracold quantum systems can calculate the state through measurements of the inertial forces acting on atoms placed in a state of quantum superposition.

Optical atomic clocks provide the timing required for high accuracy and reliability, while quantum positioning systems provide independent verification of position and motion.

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