Ukraine’s foreign minister says US secretary of state has promised more sanctions on Russia

This Monday, 28. The Russian economy has already suffered a strong impact from the sanctions imposed on

Timothy A. Clary / AFPDmitry Kuleba says Putin denied Ukraine’s right to exist

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ukraine, Dimitro Kulebasaid on the night of this Monday, the 28th that he had spoken to her Antony Blinkento the secretary of state we, According to Culeba, Blinken promised that his country would impose further sanctions on him. Russia for the invasion of Ukraine. “In our call, Secretary Blinken said that US support for Ukraine is unwavering. I stressed that Ukraine wants peace, but as long as we are facing an attack from Russia, we need more sanctions and weapons. The secretary assured me both. We coordinate the other phases,” Kuleba said on social media.

The Russian economy is already suffering from penalties imposed on the country, such as exclusion from the SWIFT international payment system. The ruble melted by 30% on Monday and the interest rate was raised from 9.5% to 20%. The Russian government also took emergency measures to prevent the money from leaving the country. However, Moscow has shown no desire to end attacks on Ukraine before the ceasefire talks – talks began on Monday, 28 and are taking place in Belarus.

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