Uma Professor attends event to celebrate BR-UK partnership

Uma Professor attends event to celebrate BR-UK partnership

May 27, 2024 by the Office of Institutional Communications

On Monday, May 20, the “Celebration of the Brazil-United Kingdom Partnership in Science” took place. The meeting was organized by the British Government and brought together several authorities and experts in science and innovation at the Museum of Tomorrow in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The event was attended by Prof. Dr. Camila Nobre, from the Itapecuru-Mirim campus of the State University of Maranhão (Umeã).

Professor Camila was invited due to her workshop “The role of fungi in the Amazonian bioeconomy”, which was approved in partnership with Dr. Francis Brierley of Manchester Metropolitan University, and will take place between May 27 and 30. The event will bring together 17 recent Brazilian and 13 UK doctors, as well as 4 consultants, to explore the fundamental role of fungi in the Amazon bioeconomy.

During the celebration, panels were held that presented success stories of scientific projects carried out in partnership between Brazil and the United Kingdom, in addition to discussing the training of Brazilian human material in British institutions. The ceremony was attended by Stephanie Al-Qaiq, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Brazil, who highlighted the importance of collaboration between the two countries in pursuing scientific projects with global impact.

In charge of the closing was Adam Jackson, Director of Research and Innovation at the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Science, Innovation and Technology. In his speech, Jackson highlighted not only the success of partnerships already established, but also the continuity of notice for all branches of science.

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Following the ceremonies, the British Council’s Cultural Engagement Lead spoke to the researchers present, including those who received funding to deliver workshops, such as Professor Camila Nobre.

By: Lucas Correa – SRI/UMA

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