United Kingdom asks for evidence that Dubai princess is ‘alive and well’

The need arises when the princess publishes a series of videos in which she claims to have been kidnapped by her own family

Breeding Twitter TeamFreeLatifaIn a video recorded with a cell phone, from inside the bathroom, the princess claims she is confined inside a mansion

The uk Asking for proof that Princess Latifah, Amir’s daughter Dubai, In the United Arab Emirates, is “alive and in good health”. The demand was made on Wednesday, 17, after the princess published a series of videos in which she claims to be Kidnapping By family only. Britain’s Foreign Minister Dominic Rabb said that the pictures that were made public were very worrying and worrying. In a video recorded from inside the bathroom with a cell phone, the princess claims that she is confined within a mansion and that the bathroom is the only room in which she is allowed to close the door. The princess also reveals that the windows where she is being held are locked and the police are inside and outside the house. Latifa also says that the police say she will “remain in prison for life” and that she “will never see the sun again”.

Apart from the British minister, United Nations High Commissioner (UN) For Human Rights told the press that it would contact United Arab Emirates To find out about the kidnapped princess. Dominic Rabb said this is the “right way” to follow and the UK will continue to look into the matter. This is not the first time Amir’s daughters have accused him of: In 2018, Princess Latifa unsuccessfully tried to escape from the boat; In 2000, his second daughter, Shamsa, managed to escape for two months until she was found and taken back to Dubai.

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* Taking information from reporter Beatriz Manfredini

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