United Kingdom: BoE calls on banks to support economic recovery

United Kingdom: BoE calls on banks to support economic recovery
So Paulo, July 13, 2021 – The Bank of England (BOE) has appealed
UK banks will continue to support businesses and families:
What are the risks left for the economic recovery from the crisis caused by
covid 19 pandemic.

“Families and businesses will likely need continued support from
the financial system as the economy recovers and supports measures for
Government decline in the coming months,” according to the policy committee
Financials (FPC), in a statement after the meeting.

“The UK banking system has the potential to continue
provide this support”, the note said as the banking sector continues
flexible, as the interim result of the stress test of
2021 Solvency.

“In recent months, the rapid launch of
Britain has improved Britain’s economic prospects.
But the risk of recovery remains.”

According to the statement, to support the economy during the recovery, the FPC
Expects the UK to keep its countercyclical capital reserve ratio at zero
At least until December 2021.

Finally, the FPC supports the decision of the Prudential Regulation Committee (PRC).
Exceptional protection on shareholder distribution
no longer need. In March last year, the regulator imposed
limits on the distribution of dividends, and concluded in December that
The restrictions should be lifted.

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