United Kingdom prepares to exit lockdown after 81% drop in Kovid-19 cases – 22/02/2021 – World

United Kingdom prepares to exit lockdown after 81% drop in Kovid-19 cases - 22/02/2021 - World

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to detail Monday (22) how Coronavirus will progress in the first stages of the gradual exit of lockdown in England. The guidelines also serve as a basis for the other countries that make up the United Kingdom.

By 8 March, the schools are expected to reopen in the country and, at the end of next month, meetings between friends and family will be allowed by the authorities, as a result of the fall in Kovid-19 cases, aided by a world. Fastest vaccination campaign in.

Boris wrote in a post on Twitter, “Today we will carefully plot a script to pull us out of lockdown.” “Our priority has always been to bring children back to school, which we know is important for their education and well-being. We will also prioritize ways that people can get along with their loved ones safely.”

With more than 120,000 deaths from Kovid-19, the United Kingdom is the fifth-country in the world behind the United States, Brazil, Mexico and India. But the rapid pace of vaccination in the country coupled with a drastic national blockade – the third of its kind in England, which has lasted 49 days – has contributed to a significant decline in the number of new infections.

When Boris decided to blockade on 4 January, the daily moving average of affairs was close to 55,000. Four days later, it reached 59,000, the highest record in Britain since the epidemic.

Since then, there has been a sharp decline in the transition curve and, according to the most recent data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the average pace last Saturday was 11.2 thousand (20) —which represents a drop of nearly 81% in the mentioned period.

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Nevertheless, the British Prime Minister has taken a more careful stance than what he has seen in previous months. “Our decisions will be made based on the latest data at each stage and we will be vigilant about this approach, so that we do not undo the progress made so far and each of you has sacrificed to be safe,” Boris said.

While some details of the plan, such as the reopening of English schools, have already been anticipated by ministers, the Prime Minister is scheduled to present the full plan in the British Parliament on Monday afternoon. Officials in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, responsible for their own public health policies, are also expected to ease restrictions in the coming months.

According to Minister Nadim Zahavi, responsible for the British vaccination campaign, the schools are to be reopened on 8 March. Since 5 January, only students are considered vulnerable and children of workers in essential fields are taking classes face-to-face, while everything else remains in distance education.

Also, according to Zahavi, as a reopening on the same date, two people from different families would be allowed to be out. The permission for socialization for large groups of six people is set for March 29, when outdoor sports can also be resumed.

Boris has faced double pressure in the reopening process. On the one hand, Conservative Party peers insist on restarting the economy to recover the nation’s worst estimated loss of US $ 3 trillion (R $ 16.5 trillion) in 300 years. On the other hand, the scientific community fears new waves of contamination by coronaviruses when the end of the lockout is too high.

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According to the British Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, there will be a few weeks of stagnation after each step towards reopening to reevaluate the potential effects of rest, so that the schedule can be changed according to the country’s epidemiological landscape.

Boris is also expected to have flexibility for factors such as speed and success of the immunity program, infection rates, and the effect of the coronoval variant.

The United Kingdom applied approximately 18.2 million doses of the vaccine against Kovid-19 as of last Saturday (20), surpassing only the United States, China and the European Union in the ranking of countries with the highest number of doses. is. Applicable.

In a list proportional to the size of each population, the United Kingdom appears in third place just after Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

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